Website design with WordPress is very simple and we will be happy to show you how to do it. Adding a new content like text, pictures or videos, editing or removing an old content has never been so easy. You can design and maintain a website entirely by yourself, should you choose to do so. If you are not sure that is something you should be doing on your own, we can always do it for you. We will make sure you webpage design is always up to date and follows the latest trends.

mobile friendlyMOBILE-FRIENDLY

Most of the internet traffic nowadays is done through tablets and smartphones. That’s why it is extremely important that your new webpage design is mobile-friendly and that you can reach all the content even through your mobile phone. If your site is unresponsive and takes too long to open, most people will leave and never visit it again. We will design your website so that it is perfectly optimized for different types of devices regardless of its size and orientation.



Together we will decide on the appearance and design of your website. We will create a draft for your review and make more adjustments if necessary. We will keep working on details until you are satisfied. If you need a web hosting, check our web hosting plans here.

Website designCREATING

Once we agreed on basic appearance of your webpage, you will have to provide us with texts and pictures for your site. Due to copy right regulations, we have to make sure that neither pictures nor texts are taken from someone else. We can help you find the proper content for your website.

Website designMORE IDEAS

We will continue to develop and adjust your website until you are fully satisfied with our work and are ready to share your webpage with the world. This is a final step before your site is released and therefore it is important everything is as you want it to be.

Website design readyREADY

If you wish we can continue to maintain and protect your website. If not, we will show you how to do it yourself. We will hand you over all data and documentation necessary so you can continue to maintain your website on your own.


We can make a web page that you will proudly show to your customers.

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