hosted skype for businessHOSTED SKYPE FOR BUSINESS

Need a conference room that will allow you to interact with everyone in the room, share your screen, keep presentation and draw at the same time? But you don’t want to travel across the world to be able to do all that and you don’t want to purchase the whole Office 365 package to achieve that? Hosted Skype for business is what you need, and we are glad to be able to offer you this service.

hosted microsoft exchangeHOSTED MICROSOFT EXCHANGE

You need a good, reliable email service, a calendar that you will be able to share with your colleagues, a place to save your contacts and all that without your own email server? Therefore we offer you our email servers. We provide the license, the storage, take care of the server and maintain it for you. You can add or remove the users as well as add more storage as your needs change.

hosted microsoft sharepointHOSTED MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT

If your needs exceed abilities of a simple file server or you have a need to easily communicate within your company, on a web based interface? You want to be able to navigate through your files like a web page plus you need more administrative and security options? Microsoft Sharepoint is a right thing for you. You can integrate it with your office 365 or as standalone solution.

anti spamANTI SPAM

Today, when primary way of communication is through email, Anti Spam service has become a necessity. It is impossible to prevent spam from coming, regardless how careful you are. That is why we offer all our customers anti spam software that will keep unwanted email messages from your inbox. You can decide the level of security and filters you want to implement.

file serverFILE SERVER

You need a simple file server where you can store your files that are accessible at all time from anywhere? In addition, you would like to have the ability to go back to old versions of the same file? We will find the best solution to save your documents and keep them safe and accessible at all times.

Microsoft CRM DynamicsMICROSOFT CRM

CRM systems and applications are designed to manage and maintain customer relationships, track engagements and sales as well as deliver actionable data—all in one place. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 your enterprise can market smarter, sell effectively and we can host your CRM for you.


We offer a wide range of services. If there is something else you need or you simply want to share your opinion with us, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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