E.R.A. – Extilum Remote App is a solution where your application is installed on our server and you access it from a remote device (computer, tablet or your smart phone). It will appear as if it is installed locally and you will never notice that you are not actually working on your own device. E.R.A. provides multiple benefits to your business. You don’t need on premises or virtual machines to host your applications nor IT staff to take care of it.  You don’t have to worry about how fast your internet is, you only need enough speed to connect to our server.

Remote APP flexibleFLEXIBLE 

The user is able to open and save files locally, or  to their network drives. Remote App does not require domain membership for client computers which allows access from various devices.

Remote App - Easy to connectEASY TO CONNECT

Remote App programs launch from the Start menu just like any other application. Users only have to log on once to create the connection. After that, connection happens with no prompt for user credentials and you can access your applications whenever and from wherever you want.

Remote app - diversityAPPLICATION DIVERSITY

You can launch different types of remote apps. You can install your custom applications that are specific to your business or standard applications like Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, all kinds of Adobe software or just a simple web browser.

Remote App - Adjustable desktopADJUSTABLE DESKTOP

The applications have their own taskbar entry and can be resized and moved across monitors. Ideal solution for deploying and managing key applications in the secure, remote environment while at the same time allowing users to work from and customize their own desktops.

RemoteApp - How it worksHOW IT WORKS

With Extilum Remote Application service you will never have to worry about maintaining your applications or if you have enough space or computer powerful enough to run it. It all happens in the cloud.

Keep your applications alongside its data on our servers. We will make sure they are up to date. All it takes is one click from your computer to access it. You want other employees to have access? Why not, add as many users as you like.

We install the application in an isolated environment on our server. All servers are kept up to date and have valid licenses. We make sure we regularly update/upgrade your application as well. We create a secure connection from your workspace to our server. All you have to do is click on a little icon we place on your desktop and you are connected directly to our server and can start using the application. You can use E.R.A. as part of our E.C.O. service or separately as standalone service.


You have an application but you are not sure if you run it in E.R.A.? Send us an email and we will answer all your queries.