We offer web hosting services of the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost. You can even host your web page for free for a whole year with our free web hosting plan. Read more ›

VPS in cloudVPS

 VPS is a modern hosting service developed for those that like flexibility, scalability, security, quality and cost-effectiveness. The service includes custom made VPS server operated in a high capacity environment. Read more ›

Domain searchDOMAINS AND DNS

Each online success starts with choosing your domain name. You can choose between hundreds of different domains. Quickly and easily achieve your goal and choose a domain name that will perfectly reflect your idea. Read more ›

E.C.O. - Extilum Cloud OfficeEXTILUM CLOUD OFFICE – E.C.O.

With E.C.O. the world is your work space. Work where you will, when you will. You will never again have to worry about hardware upgrade, software licenses, patching your servers or limited accessibility. Read more ›

Extilum Remote App – E.R.A.EXTILUM REMOTE APPS – E.R.A.

With Extilum Remote Applications service you will never have to worry about maintaining your applications or if you have enough space or computer powerful enough to run it. It all happens in the cloud. Read more ›


No one is prone to file errors, hardware issues or other incidents that an affect your data. You should always think of preventive security measures as an investment and not a cost. That’s why you should check our online cloud backup solution. Read more ›

Dedicated serversDEDICATED SERVERS

You don’t want to spend time and money on buying hardware you have nowhere to put? Rent one of our dedicated servers and keep it in our data center. You choose the type, size and performance of your server. If you are not entirely sure what your needs are, you need advice or you are simply indecisive, we are here to help you decide. Together we’ll build a server that suits all your needs. Read more ›


We offer a wide range of services. If there is something else you need or you simply want to share your opinion with us, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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