Extilum as company arose from a vision of one man. An idea became a reality and turned into a successful IT company. Originally established in Sweden, where it still operates, it offers variety of solutions to it’s clients from web page and dedicated server hosting. Besides that we offer IT support, system optimization and much more. We have decided to transfer the knowledge and experience gained in Sweden to Croatia and so we started a Croatian company with the same name.


A fact worth a thousand words

Help people get their ideas online.
Sounds simple enough but it involves developing new technologies by using best practices, looking for innovative methods, simplifying complex solutions, keeping costs down, keeping quality up and the list goes on.

The diversity of our customers base, an increased level of sophistication of online users, the rapid growth in technology development and an increasingly more competitive environment means we need to have the best people to produce the best results. Luckily, we have them.

Our team constantly works on improving their skills and knowledge through certification and education. They have been here since the beginning, helped to achieve our mission, year after year. Together, we have the skills, the know-how and the passion that is required to succeed. Most important, we can help our customers do the same.

extilum support


We Would Love To Help You, Your Questions Are Welcome.

 Extilum support department is recognized by our customers. Our goal is to always provide the most competent support to our customers for the best possible experience of your Extilum product therefore our support handles your requests and suggestions in 3 different languages, English, Croatian and Swedish.